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This is me three years ago

I am a person on this earth, just like you. I am a rabbit on the zodiac, and go to JLS Middle School. I live somewhere in California (which is -8:00 GMT offset). It is 6:35 PM on Sunday at the time of writing. I did this page, but my friend (Steven Peng) did all of the fancy animations and taught me HTML (well, some of it). I can speak very bad manderin, and can write c++ reasonably badly. I don't feel like writing anymore, so I will start doing Steven's section. Charles Kang's Website Charles Kang (mail)


Just like Charles, I am a person and I am a rabbit on the Chinese zodiac. (Also, I was born on April 18, 1987 and I am Ares on the Greek zodiac, but who needs to know that, right?) And just like Charles, I live in Palo Alto, California and go to JLS Middle School. I know how to speak English and Chinese "fluently" and I know a little bit of Spanish. As for computer languages, I can do HTML, C, C++, JavaScript, Basic, and DHTML fluently. It is now 5:05:07 on October 4, 1999 Pacific Time. Too bad I don't have one of those JPGs of me like Charles has.
P.S.: Charles didn't do my section for me. I did it all.
Steven Peng's Website Steven Peng (mail)


Just like Steven and Charles, Ross is a person in Palo Alto. (same school, too) Ross Bennett (mail)


Same with Justin. (I wonder where Ross and Justin's JPGs are?)

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