Roman Armor

By Steven Peng

  The Roman soldiers were among the most well armored soldiers of their time. They used four types of armor:

  Mail Lorica Hamata
  Scale Lorica Squamata
  Plate Lorica Segmentata

Plate lorica segmentata

    This type of armor is the most important and innovative armor the Romans used. These were made of horizontal bands of iron plate tied together with leather and hooks.

Scale lorica squamata

    This type consisted of bronze scales linked together and sewn onto leather padding. It was easier to make than mail.

Mail lorica hamata

     This armor is made of mail and consists of interlinking iron rings. Even though it took a great deal of effort and time to make this, It was used extensively. Mail is useless by itself, but it provides effective protection when worn over heavy leather or padded armor.

    The legionnaires used a curved oblong wooden shield called a Scutum. It was used until the 3rd century A.D., when large oval and small round shields replaced them.
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